Counselling Service Amstelveen, CSA, offers private psychotherapeutic treatment, counselling, mediation and coaching to individuals, groups, expats and in-house company training in English, American and Dutch.

CSA is the name of the firm with which Robertine Nunes Nabarro works as a counsellor and psychotherapist.

You can approach CSA for immediate mental health issues in English, American and Dutch. A referral is not necessary.

* cognitive therapy

* behaviour (behavior) therapy

* directive therapy

* analytical or psychodynamic therapy

* lifestyle coaching

* mindfulness training

* gender issues

* assertiveness training

* coaching

* assistance with working through the effects of major shocking incidents,


* exploring and treating inexplicable physical complaints

* treatment of fears and feelings of guilt and shame

* exploring and treating depression

* insomnia

* exploring and treating mental complaints

english counselling service