Counselling Service Amstelveen, CSA, offers private psychotherapeutic treatment, counselling, mediation and coaching to individuals, groups, expats and in-house company training in English, American and Dutch.

CSA offers psychotherapeutic help and coaching for individuals, couples, expats and in-house company training in Dutch and English.

CSA provides primary mental healthcare in cosy, quiet professional surroundings with purpose based goal-oriented treatment. Each session takes about an hour. Up to 20 sessions usually suffice.
Primary care means fast assistance with or without a referral with little or no waiting.

Treatment is tailored to your personal situation and preference. Needless to say the sessions are totally confidential.

Some important keywords that are often used are: behavior, (behaviour), directive, analysis, cognitive, consciousness, awareness, change, understanding, experience, experiencing, gender, process, problematic behaviour, the past, the future, now, definition, abuse, assault, move, robbery, break-ins, failure, hypnosis, progress, problems, complaints, depression, sadness, confusion, aches, pains, breathing difficulties, insomnia, sleep, assertiveness, feelings, grief, loss, sadness, guilt, shame, counselling, coaching, training, therapy, stimulation, issues, assistance, help, change.